What makes a boutique hotel different from a regular hotel?

If you stay in hotels regularly you may well have come across a boutique hotel in your travels or have perhaps even stayed in one. How exactly do you define a boutique hotel and what makes them different from regular hotels?

The term boutique hotel was created in America and the UK in the 1980s and typically applies to individuals or small companies running hotels, although many larger chains have now tried to adopt the growing trend. Boutique hotels usually offer luxury facilities combined with unique d├ęcor to create a stylish or sometimes themed room.

The focus of a boutique hotel is often to create an intimate and welcoming atmosphere that is hard to find in a large hotel chain. Sometimes this means providing an entire range of services from honesty bars to Wi-Fi and cable TV, but on the other hand it may include none of these if the general aim of the hotel is to provide a quiet and relaxing retreat.

If you stay in a boutique hotel you can expect to receive a high level of service that may be available to you 24 hours a day. The staff will go out of their way to make your stay as trouble-free and enjoyable as possible. The experience is different to a regular hotel, where staff are usually only expected to respond to customers when approached by them.

There is sometimes an overlap between boutique hotels and bed and breakfasts although boutique hotels will very often have a high quality restaurant and bar available to both guests and outside visitors, which you would not likely find in a bed and breakfast. Typically boutique hotels target an age range from the early twenties to late fifties that have a medium to high income. They can cater to a wide range of tastes and requirements, whether you are booking to host a corporate event, enjoy your honeymoon or just go for a quiet weekend away, there will be something suitable.

Since their growing popularity, boutique hotels can now be found throughout the world and as far away as Thailand, Singapore and China. As more customers are looking for a good deal for their holidays there are also a number of budget boutique hotels developing. These can be found in most major holiday destinations offering a unique hotel experience at an affordable price. Since boutique hotels try to set themselves apart from regular hotels you will unlikely find them situated in the same location as the multi-national chains. Though finding a boutique hotel can require a little more searching, it is certainly worthwhile.

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