The change in you is the change in your world outside

Thousands of years ago the ancient India witnessed research that went to the extents of such frontiers that nothing upon this planet was unknown… but unfortunately the times to come thereafter became so polluted that the entire treasure of immense knowledge concealed itself to unknown dimensions and mere symbolic representation came down to those who did not practice it with the intention of public service instead they used it for the purpose of their livelihood.

The knowledge of those times today is known as Indian ethos and it reaches to encompass all streams of existence on this planet including the solar system. Human anatomy and human psychology were the foremost subjects of that research and… and the beauty was that in order to conduct entire research the researchers of those times made their own existence i.e. Mind, body and soul as their laboratory. All scientific fact came to them in form of either observations or revelations during their pursuit. Human relationships, emotions, material sciences etc were facts discovered or understood under various kinds of yogic branches. Yoga was a general term to denote the combination of any two facts or elements in order to produce a result… the result was known as yoga i.e the conclusion of a combination. Though today the term yoga is merely understood in the parlance of meditation of body postures whereas it grossly exceeds the understanding that prevails today.

Under the same research of Indian ethos was the most intricate subjects of this planet i.e human existence… and in order to understand the same a branch by the name yogic psychology was developed after observations that ran into centuries of research. The yogic psychology of those times was not only complete and perfect in all of its dimension but on the other hand it was presented before the commoners in its most simplified manner. As it is known today that the excellence of any technology is known by its simplicity in application… and so was with the yogic psychology, it was so deep and yet made simple for people to understand and benefit of the same. It is one of the epitome of motivation and inspiration that a total change in ones existence can be brought through a very simple understanding about the self.

Yogic psychology is potent enough for any kind of healing at all ends… it is the science of becoming… becoming what the human deeply aspires and yet the ability does not support the prerequisites.

In order to impart knowledge upon the same subject has evolved learning under discipline for those serious aspirants who consider self as inconclusive in their life. All those who deeply intend to bring change within self and the word outside can learn and benefit of this knowledge. Our provision is that all those who consider self as serious learners alone apply for such learning to [email protected] so that they can benefit of the knowledge under mention in this article. Our core intent is to impart knowledge to serious seekers… it is therefore that we have termed this learning as learning under discipline.

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