Slow is Better: Ask Your Car Insurance Company

There is a general idea that the faster the better. Some people think that once you do something fast then it proves your skill in that specific activity. It is true especially in terms of sports. The faster you run, swim or drive the better it will be. But in reality this may not always be the case especially in terms of driving in your daily life. You don’t have to be fast just to prove you are a good driver. A good driver is measured by how he follows the traffic rules and how responsible he is in driving. Driving is a responsibility that the driver has to take upon his shoulders, thus you must do it with safety and care.

You might think that slow driving is boring, but then you should think again. Imagine your car insurance company paying you money just for you to drive slowly. Don’t you think it’s a great opportunity to grab? In reality, it can actually be the case. Car insurance companies base their insurance rates on the risk factor of the driver. The risk factor is determined through the driving history. They note the number of violations a driver makes and from there, they decide how much the insurance rate should be. The more tickets and violations, the higher the insurance rate will be. So in order to decrease the amount of money you pay for your insurance and get cheap full coverage auto insurance, it will be better to decrease the violations you commit. The easiest way to lessen your violations is too decrease the speeding of your driving. Stop speeding and start stopping for red lights and stop signs. Follow traffic signs and always wear your seatbelt. These are simple steps that once you acquire as a habit will surely help you lessen your violations.

Making something a habit is not as hard as it seems. According to UCL Epidemiology and Public Health specifically their Health Behavior Research Center a person only need 66 days to make a new habit. This means that once you are able to do something for 66 days then the more likely you can do it for the rest of your life. Here are some of the simple habits you should start doing. Once you have done these for 66 days, then you are sure on your way to earning money from your car insurance.

Watch the Speedometer

All cars are built with speedometers for a reason and that is not to maximize your speed but to let you monitor your speed when you are driving. Thus, a good driver always takes a look at his speedometer in order to control the speed of his car. Along with this habit, you should also start paying attention to speed limit signs. Most reckless drivers are too lazy to even bother with the signs that they end up over speeding in an accident prone area. The speed limits are located in a specific area for a reason. Look at these signs and recognize what it says. Once you acquire it, you will just do it without thinking.

Know how to stop

Most drivers just make half stops because they want to speed up as soon as the stop sign becomes a go signal. This is not the proper way to do it. Once you see stop lights or stop signs, you should do a full stop that would make your car rock back a little.

Release gas on green

It is a habit for risky drivers to step on the gas pedal when they see that the green signal goes yellow. It’s as if they want to catch the green light for no apparent reason. The best thing you should practice is to release the gas once you see the green sign. In this way, you can slow down and stop for yellow lights

The three steps mentioned above are simple yet important ways you can start getting rid of your violations and tickets. Practice them every time you drive and you will be surprised by how much you improved after some time. Go out and get a car insurance quick quote to see how your rate has changed based on this new you. The best part of it is you even get a bonus reward that is saving money that you indeed earned for yourself. Achieve the 66 days and the rest will come like a breeze. The first few days may be difficult but you have to make the effort. Even if you don’t achieve the 66 days in the first try, it does not mean you should give. Remember that more than the money you save; these simple practices can save your life or even someone else’s life. It is indeed a very important lesson because in life it is indeed important to know when to slow down. The challenge is simple but the fruit will definitely be worth it.

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