One Day Your Life Will Flash Before Your Eyes – Make Sure Its Worth Watching


– From this moment on i will no longer dwell on what happened yesterday.. yesterdays are in the past.. and i cannot go back and change what has happened

– The only thing that i do have control over is today.. i recognise that what i experienced in my yesterdays can be used as a teacher… but i cannot dwell on the ” if onlys” – From this moment i will no longer dwell on what may happen tomorrow.. tomorrows will come and they will take care of themselves – My tomorrows will be a direct result of what i do today.. so i will stay focused on the present

– From this moment on I will start seeing myself as someone who is worthy of my time and respect.. I will not cast my needs aside because i am my own best friend

– There are unique things yet to be discovered within myself and i will take the time to learn everything there is to know about myself

– From this moment on.. I will enjoy and appreciate every moment.. my life is a gift and i will share my life with others and allow them the joy of getting to know me

– From this moment i will take the time each day to see the big picture.. i will look for lifes joys.. pleasures and mysteries even in the smallest of things

– When I face something that is challenging.. i will be able to see it in a new light and rise to the challenge without becoming overwhelmed.. I will learn something from every trial and obstacle i may face

– From this moment on when self-doubt or discouragement surface.. I will be able to indentify them and put them in their proper place.. I will not allow them to overtake me or be the basis by which i make my decisions

– From this moment on. I will be open to new experiences and thought processes.. I will not be shackled to old routines or ways of thinking – I will never place expectations on people which they could never meet.. and I will never place these expectations upon myself

– From this moment I will take responsibility for my own happiness and state of mind.. I will do things that I know make me happy

– I will never neglect my need of these activities because they keep me grounded.. at peace and they strengthen my spirit – I will schedule this necessary time into my life because its so important to me

– From this moment on I will recognise that there are many different things about this life that i have not yet experienced

– I will challenge myself to sample the different things that life has to offer.. some things i may enjoy and others i may not

– However.. I will sample as many different things as possible that life has to offer because admist them there will be some things that I will take to and hold dear

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