Harley Street Psychotherapy

Harley Street psychotherapy is a therapeutic treatment offered by a group of professional psychotherapists in central London. Psychotherapy is essentially a talk-based treatment therapy, wherein the patient is made to share all his thoughts of the past, present, and future, and on the basis of this information, he is counseled and prepared mentally to take control of his life. People of all age groups and socio-cultural backgrounds require psychotherapy when they are faced with trauma, anxiety, and depression; problems in relationship management; anger, and the like. Other forms of using this therapy include the play and dramatization (often used with children and their parents), music, and dance.

Art Therapy

The Harley Street psychotherapy group also has trained practitioners of ‘art therapy,’ which is used in cases where the patients are not able to communicate verbally. In such situations, the conventional talk-based therapy is not useful and, therefore, the creative processes are used to bring out the thoughts, emotions, and feelings of the patient. The expression comes out using the colors, lines, and forms, and the tools can be paper and pencils, paints, and chalks. The idea is to understand what the conscious and subconscious minds are thinking.

Trust And Confidentiality

The traditional counseling and art-based therapy can be held either individually or in groups. The psychotherapist examines which type of treatment is suitable for the patient. Since the patient speaks out all his thoughts, the professional ethics of practitioners require them to maintain total confidentiality on what has been said and on the number of sessions required for the treatment. The same applies to the art forms created under the art therapy. The patients trust the Harley Street psychotherapy because they are assured that total secrecy will be maintained. If secrecy is not maintained, trust of the patients is betrayed, which will mean they may not come back for treatment.

The treatment can be offered in person (meeting face to face), over the telephone, and also on the Internet. Although it is the first one, it is usually considered the best way in this regard. The treatment can stretch from a week to a few years. It is commonly applied to those mental problems that can be medically diagnosed and also those that cannot be diagnosed. The latter are often related to interpersonal relations and occupational goals or targets, and these require counseling on a daily basis. In this way, the term ‘counselling’ is used interchangeably with psychotherapy.

There is an all European body called the European Association of Psychotherapy, which formulates the principles and practice standards of this field. In the United Kingdom, it is regulated by the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy. The Health Professions Council, United Kingdom, grants approval for the practice of the so-called ‘Art Therapy.’ There are two-year post graduate programs offering specialization in this stream, and Harley Street psychotherapy practitioners are required to have the requisite education and approvals.

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