Child Proofing

You can never stop your child from exploring things around their everyday environment. So, it is important to make sure your house is safe for them. There are some simple ways to help prevent injuries in your own home.

1. Appliances
– At times, kids at the right height can or could open, get, reach objects, such as hot pans, pots, stoves and burners this could cause burns to your children. Refrigerators may contain objects or something that could pose choke your child. To prevent this, you could always put or apply a lock on your appliances or utilities and knob covers for burners to stop them from opening the appliances.

2. Cabinet and Drawers
– Cabinets and Drawers may do contain hazards to your kids for several times. In this case install locks and latches to your cabinets and drawers, most especially those that contains sharp objects on it. Keep your poisonous chemicals or items into difficult place to find for your kids for them not to obtain it or you can even dispatch it so you are much secure.

3. Glasswares
– We all know that these are really harmful for your kids because when it broke can cause cuts to your child. Try to refrain from displaying glasswares especially when you have active toddlers at your house, you could use plastic vases as an alternative. If not, put glasswares and decoration where it is safe and secured.

4. Tables and Chairs
– Tables and chairs have sharp corners that kids might bump into. To prevent injuries install cushions in the corners of your table or buy round tables.

5. Stairs
– Many of kids are falling from stairs and we also know that for sure and especially to babies who just learned to tread. To avoid them from falling, put safety gates at the top and bottom of the staircase to prevent them from going up and down unsupervised.

6. Electrical outlets and chords
– Electrical wiring could cause your children electrocuted or if unused properly can cause fire. We also know that chords can cause harm to your kids once they are pulled into it. To prevent this, try putting face plates or covers to make sure that power strips are covered and buy cord bundlers and secure cord to furniture so that they cannot be pulled.

7. Toilets
– Toilets cause a hazard to a young child because he/she can drown if they fall in. Children cause a hazard to toilets as well, when your kids throw her small belonging to the toilet, it might cause hazard too. To stop this from happening, use toilet lid locks on all toilets or keep the bathroom door secured and supervise children in the bathroom.

Remember, don’t just do child proofing once. The most crucial part of child proofing involves adult supervision. Always be aware of your surroundings and keep a close watch on your child at all time.

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